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[IP] Power to the people

I remember a thread on this list a while ago about batteries and how they
seem to run out really quickly in the MM pumps, at the time I couldn't agree
more, having gone through 3 changes in 3 months, an expensive option for
those of us who either don't have dollars or any other currency that is
worth more than the paper it is printed on. About 2 months ago I found
myself in a little town in the North of South Africa which would only be
called a 1 horse town by the longest stretch of the imagination and liberal
use of controlled substances. As luck would have it I got a low battery
warning that day and was unable to change the batteries as I was wholly
unprepared. I took the batteries out and changed their position and then put
them back in again. To my delight when I looked on the pump, there was no LO
BATT warning at all, and I haven't had one until today, I took the batteries
out and swopped their postition and put it back in and seem to have the same
result, no warnings. I was wondering if any one else has noticed this or can
even give me a reason why it works...... at the very least if it works for
me I should hope it works for others on this list as well, even if it is
just for a quick fix until you get home and can replace them.

Hope this is of some help


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