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[IP] Another Approach to Nighttime Basals...

     I know that "basal fasts" are ideally THE #1 method for establishing 
proper basals, but I'm also learning that with very young pumpers, that isn't 
always very practical. Consequently, some endos resort to setting arbitrary 
numbers & then "tweak" the basals from that starting point, hoping to achieve 
stable bgs.
    The following scenario was related to me 3rd hand from a friend of a 
distant CDE/pumper. I've suggested the person "join" IP, but I believe she's 
in transition career-wise. Nonetheless, I thought her input was worth 
sharing, especially in light of what I've now come to realize to be a "Pump 
Truism: Just because 100 endos predict "X", doesn't mean there still won't be 
a sizeable # of pumpers who experience "Y"!!!!......Regards, Renee (Melissa's 
pump mom)
     Anyway here's the story: "Several months ago I gave a talk to a support 
group on insulin pumps.  One of the families there contacted me with a 
problem.  It seems their 10 year old son has been waking up with high blood 
sugars every morning for the last few months.  During the day he was well 
controlled.  The parents were getting up 2 to 3 times a night to monitor his 
sugars.  His pediatric endocrinologist kept increasing his basal rates until 
they were almost twice his mid-day dose.

We slowly started reversing his night basal rates, so that he now gets about 
.2 more than his mid-day dose.  Instead of 300s to  400s, his blood sugars 
started coming down t  the 140s according to the Christmas card they sent me. 
 I received a telephone call from his mom yesterday.  His latest A1C was 6.5, 
down from 7.7 months ago.  

When they go to visit his doctor in a few days, I've requested they explain 
what they've done to help bring his levels down.  I don not remember the 
physiological mechanism, but if FBS are elevated after a couple of basal 
increases, try decreasing the night time basal levels by .1----it works for 

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