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Re: [IP] Re-sale of pumps on secondary market

At 11:05 AM 1/11/2000  Laura Arns wrote:
 >Can you tell us more on this? Is this an inspection required by law, or
 >is this an inspection that Minimed says should be done?  Could the
 >person wanting to sell the pump have it checked out by Minimed and
 >certified as working ok, and then sell it? Or is Minimed unwilling to do
 >this (perhaps because it could cut into their profits)?
 >thanks for the info,

I don't think that MM would want to provide warrantee service unless they 
knew that the pump was in working order. And, unless you could obtain 
service, I think it would be foolish to use this device. That's because if 
anything happened to the pump, you'd be without anything at all and not 
much to show for your $1,200.

I'm not sure if it would make any difference who got it certified. However, 
I believe that by law these types of medical devices are not allowed to be 
sold except under a doctor's prescription.


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