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[IP] high BGs after high glycemic foods

now that geneva has skyrocketed to 345 after eating a breakfast of
waffles...I am beginning to take more care in documenting when she eats high
glycemic foods.  also in setting a temp basal for about 0.2 higher than her
norm for 2 hours.

I was reading "The Glucose Revolution" (about the glycemic index and
glucose)   ... and it was mentioned that acids,  i.e. vinegar, lemon juice.
...will help keep the bgs from jumping. they suggested eating a salad with
red wine vinegar or lemon juice dressing to help keep a high glycemic meal
in check.

has anyone noticed whether eating a salad with their meal of potatoes, pizza
or a bagel keeps the BG from going too high in the following two hours?

just curious.  I am going to try this tonight with geneva's dinner.

this book , by the way...lists foods and glycemic index.  I am noticing that
all of the foods that geneva eats which cause a problem later are higher
than 55.

mom to geneva  10 1/2 and pumping since june.

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