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Re:[IP] Re-sale of pumps on secondary market

<snip>I know i missed some posts but...I am sorry, I must object to any
individual re-selling a pump on the secondary market (as you knew I would)
on two counts: <end snip>

Coming from the perspective I went through the "typical" channels to obtain
my pump (i.e. doctor, then MiniMed, filed with insurance, denied from
insurance, appealed insurance, approval, then denial, appeal, then approve,
then denied again, appeal again, approve again).  However with all of my
denial/approvals I had to wade through, I had made the decision I was going
to pump no matter what (actually my parents help fund my pump even before
the first denial because it alone took 4 months to get, then the insurance
just owed me/them).  If I had not the resources to do that, or had
insurance to pay for it in the end, I would have looked at alternative
means to obtain a pump.  From everything I read, as long as I have a
prescription for the pump, and give it to the seller, there is NOTHING
illegal about obtaining the pump from someone/entity other than MM or D.  I
do not plan on selling my pump when I upgrade (which won't be for at least
another 3 years or so), but I do not object to others selling their's.


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