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Re: [IP] Re-sale of pumps on secondary market

>1. The least of these two is that it is most probably a violation of federal >law for an unlicensed person to sell a prescription item for which no >specific prescription has been written, ie. one prescription, one pump.

ok, I know this issue was discussed a while back and there were lots of
opinions. My question is: if person X has a prescription to buy a pump,
why can he not buy the pump from person Y instead of through MM or D?
I'm not saying pumps should just be traded around like furniture or
vcrs, but if a physician is overseeing things, why should such a
transaction, which benefits both parties, be illegal?

>2. And more important, this endangers the abiltiy of all of us to get our >supplies. The possible use of the pump for narcotics or other illegal >activities (I won't be specific so as not give anyone any ideas) might cause >the government to over regulate the use of the pump and the distribution of >supplies. I'd hate to have to go to the DEA every time I need new supplies. 

Syringes are a whole lot easier and cheaper than pumps for administering
illegal substances. I wouldn't think an addict would want to waste all
of the drug that gets left in the tubing either. We don't have to go to
the DEA for syringes do we? If you are in some way implying that the
supplies will be used for some illegal activity other than infusion of a
drug, used supplies aren't that hard to come by...

I'm sure nothing I can say will change your mind on this. However, if
committing a potentially illegal act could save my life or someone
else's, I would probably do it. And for some people, the pump really is
a lifesaver.
ps. I think the idea of donating the pump is great, but I can understand
that if a person had to pay the initial $5,000 himself, he might want to
try and get some of that back.
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