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Re: [IP] basal question

It's just really hard to do these basal tests when you're so off-base that
you can't ever start a test with a normal number.. the test relies on
starting between ~80-130 and every time I try to start my test, I have to
cancel it because I go too high!  So it can take weeks to really get a
basal down for a single time period.  I still haven't been successful
since my basals did a major shift on me, and now that I've had highs for
so long, once I get my basals and come back down, I'll probably have to
redo all my basals because my insulin resistance will drop when my bg's


> Leesa, 
> my name is Bill.  I "just" joined this pump forum 2 days ago.
> If you want to look at my profile > see Bill Winslow, in CA.
> ........
> as  you know ALL diabetics are a bit different, depending
> on several things.   The following is how "my doctor & I "
> found a successful basal rate for ME.
> we picked a 9+ hour segment of the day / nite and then tested
> "hourly" WHILE FASTING.    (I'm assuming your doctor AND you
> have already established a 24 hr basal rate).
> You will see a curve develop.    WE adjusted the basal + / - .1 unit
> per hour where needed.    THEN tested again the next day / nite.
> (NOTE, I use Humalog insulin, like most pumpers).

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