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[IP] To Gilda and other pumpers

This is the best site to learn more information about pumps and the good and
the bad.
I know it definitely has helped me handle situations that would have
probably freaked me out if I hadn't heard about it here first.

Now I chose to get a MM508 after researching both companies indepthly,
taking a deep look at my lifestyle and eating patterns, etc.  It just seemed
that the MM fit me better.  I really liked the Disetronic and actually
learned from one rep that they are planning on releasing a new model of the
H-Tron this spring (March/April) I think.  At least last Oct. that was the
rumor.  It supposedly has more features then the current H-Tron.  The
release date may have been pushed out a little further depending on how the
testing went and production.  I was hoping to find stuff on their site more
recently with the release date coming up. Hmmm...

Still looking and researching for my dad who I want to convince to get on
the pump.  So if you are still researching it may be worth your while to put
off a month or two until more information comes out.  Especially if you do
like the Disetronic more.

Just my two cents,
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