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[IP] Re-sale of pumps on secondary market

I know i missed some posts but...I am sorry, I must object to any individual re-selling a pump on the secondary market (as you knew I would) on two counts: 

1. The least of these two is that it is most probably a violation of federal law for an unlicensed person to sell a prescription item for which no specific prescription has been written, ie. one prescription, one pump. If you tell people you are going to break the law they are required by law to report you to the authorities.

2. And more important, this endangers the abiltiy of all of us to get our supplies. The possible use of the pump for narcotics or other illegal activities (I won't be specific so as not give anyone any ideas) might cause the government to over regulate the use of the pump and the distribution of supplies. I'd hate to have to go to the DEA every time I need new supplies. Why don't you see if you can just give the pump to a hospital or a doctor for an unisured individual to use...and please, tell us that you don't intend to break the law! Thanks

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 23:31:37 -0800 
From: email @ redacted 
Subject: Re: [IP] my pump is in 

this is bill winslow. 

regarding my wishes to sell my MM 507C. 
I am selling it, because I no longer need it. My insurance 
authorized me to get MM 508. 
REASON being > I could not hear Warning in middle of 
sleep (low battery or out of insulin). 
SO doctor jumped on that right away, once he learned the 
508 also had a vibration Warning, AND it "seems" like 
the Alarm is a bit louder. 

SO I only asking $1200 for it (and all the stuff that came 
with it). Its only 9 months old. Was looking for an EXISTING 
pumper, who was interested in getting a backup unit. 
.....to many legal hassles when selling it to NEW user 
who has had NO training. Let me know if you hear of 
anyone looking.... 

bill w ( email @ redacted) 

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