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[IP] Anniversary

Just need to post something.  On sunday I celebrated my 21st anniversary of
being diagnosed a diabetic.  I was 9 years old.  I remember the doctor's
telling mom that after being diabetic for 20 years I will be experiencing
one or more of the following, kidney disease, heart disease, blindness,
loss of limbs.  My mom thought I was given a death sentence.  They sent me
home on that wonderful ADA diet where every bit of food I ate was weighed.
they also sent me home with my own chemestry kit.  I thought it was cool,
till I found out I, a 9 year old, had to play with my pee.  weren't those
clinitabs wonderful.  a few years later I was the first in the hospital to
get a glucometer.  prior to the glucometer, any little flu had me in the
ICU.  then the glucometer came to me and my life started to change.  as the
meters advanced I purchased the newest ones.  then three years ago, I went
on the pump and experienced my first taste of freedom so to speak.  This
past Sunday I celebrated by going to dinner at the Outback, eating their
onion thingy, a chicken allison, had a tequila sunrise, stopped at Dairy
Queen for a blizzard, and two hours after eating had a blood sugar of 123.
not too shabby considering those original Docs thought I would be on my
deathbed by now.  BTW,  no complications as of yet.  just had to share this
with people who I knew would understand.  thanks for listening.


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