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[IP] Frustrating Disease

While I don't "enjoy" reading all the posts about the frustrations of
diabetes management, this forum provides a place to share all the problems
as well as successes.  As the mother of a diabetic 17-yr old son, I share
his frustrations, altho he doesn't want me to have much to do with it

I appreciated the responses I got when I asked about solutions to bolusing
in your sleep, but when I passed on the suggestions he gave me a dirty look.
He doesn't want me worrying, interfering.  

This morning he woke up to his pump beeping "No Delivery" -- the reservoir
was empty.  It breaks my heart to stand by and watch him deal with this
never-ending crap every day.  He needs to do it himself, and he definitely
doesn't want my help.  So he stood there shaking, tired, and sore while he
refilled and primed, and I just watched and waited for him to check his
blood.  283.  Not bad.

Amy, hang in there.  Brian, my kid will soon go through everything you've
just gone through and I hope he does as well as you.  His A1Cs have never
been 6 or 7 either, that's why he's on the pump.  We're just glad he's
active and healthy -- talented and strong, a solid 5'10, 190 lbs, an artist
who sings while he lifts weights, a kid who does theater and football in the
same season.

The example of the leukemia diagnosis vs. diabetes puts a perspective on
things, but I still hate it that my kid has this disease!  I know that he
doesn't mind it nearly as much as his parents do, in fact he probably
wouldn't mind it at all if we would just back off and let him deal with it.
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