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[IP] Fwd: Re: increased diabetes research funding

Dear All,

Want a cure for diabetes?  Please take a moment and
email President Clinton and Vice President 
Gore to say that we want our government to spend $1
billion on research for a cure for diabetes.

Thanks, Sandi Pope

Note: forwarded message attached.

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    Thank you for writing to President Clinton via electronic mail. 
Since June 1993, the President has received over 2.8 million messages
from people across the country and around the world.  Online
communication has become a tool to bring government and the people
closer together.

    Because so many of you write, the President cannot personally review
each message, though he does receive samples of his incoming
correspondence. The White House Correspondence staff helps him read and
respond to the mail. All responses are mailed via the U.S. Postal
Service.  This is the only electronic message you will receive from
whitehouse.gov.  No other message purporting to be from the President or
his staff with an address at whitehouse.gov is authentic. If you have
received such a message, you have received a "spoof."

     We appreciate your interest in the work of the Administration.


          Stephen K. Horn
          Director, Presidential E-mail
          The Office of Correspondence

P.S. Please read on - you may find the following information useful.

--   Regardless of the number of messages you may send, you will receive
     only one autoresponder message per day.

--   The only personal addresses at whitehouse.gov are the following:

     email @ redacted
     email @ redacted
     email @ redacted
     email @ redacted

Please write to White House staff by regular mail.  The address is:

     The White House, Washington, D.C.,

     Zip codes as follows:

          20500 (mail to the President and First Family)
          20501 (mail to the Vice President, his family, and OVP staff)
          20502 (all White House Office Staff, all CEA, OPD, OSTP, and
                 PFIAB staff)
          20503 (all CEQ, OA, OMB, and ONDCP staff)
          20504 (all NSC staff)
          20508 (all USTR staff)

--   On October 20, 1994, President Clinton and Vice President Gore
opened a World Wide Web home page called "Welcome to the White House: 
An Interactive Citizens' Handbook," and it remains one of the more
popular spots on the Web.

    The White House home page provides, among other things,  a single
point of access to virtually all government information available on the
Internet. Children especially enjoy the "White House for Kids" feature. Look 
for your tour guides, Socks and Buddy, the First Pets.  

"Welcome to the White House" can be accessed at:


--   White House documents and publications are available on the World
Wide Web (see above) and by E-mail.  To receive instructions on
retrieving documents by E-mail, please send a message to the following

     email @ redacted

In the Subject line, type "hello" (without quotes); you may leave the
body of the message blank.  The instructions will be sent to you

--   The White House Public Access E-mail FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions) document is available at the following address.  Send an
E-mail message (no text necessary) to:

     email @ redacted

Among other things, the FAQ lists alternate sources of government
information, e.g., the Congressional E-mail projects.  (This FAQ address
is an autoresponder only; any comment sent to this address will not be

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