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Re: [IP] basal question

Evelyn, yes I think you will remember me, if  you work with Dr Singer. If so
my mini-med rep suggested I contact you for the next support group. If it's not
at your office, please e-mail at email @ redacted Thanks. and if  I've mixed
up your name with Dr. Singer's #1 Diabetic Specialist please for give me. Thanks
for the info.

"Evelyn E. Lieberman" wrote:

> You need to follow the instructions given in the Pumping Insulin book.  Then
> you will know exactly what rate you need at what particular period of time.
> Since we are each so different, it is vital that you test your basal
> yourself.  Nobody else can do it for you and once you get that sorted, then
> living with the pump and controlling your bg's becomes an easy task.  But if
> you never sort out your own rates, I don't think you will be able to get the
> really fine control that we are all seeking.  Evelynl
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