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Re: [IP] Sad News & a Determined Child

    Thank you for such a poignant post & for underscoring yet again how 
ludicrous it is for doctors to set arbitrary age limits. Kap sounds 
incredibly mature, as do the vast majority of children I've encountered who 
are successfully and responsibly dealing with diabetes, whether on shots or 
the pump. In fact, I spoke to a mom yesterday whose 7 yr old started doing 
his finger pricks the 2nd day in the hospital ( dx'd at 6) and shortly 
thereafter was drawing up his insulin and doing some injections too!! Yet his 
medical team dismissed any discussion of a pump, saying, "never before age 10 
and rarely even then". I encouraged her to learn all she can ( no computer!!! 
eeek!) because I believe a child like hers ( and yours) who is so motivated 
and clearly demonstrates the wherewithal to handle pumping DESERVES to reap 
the benefits that pumping affords!
    I hope there's a compromise resolution.....The 19th isn't all that far 
off & although Kap is disappointed, maybe you can use the interim to "play" 
with the pump, even if it's not on him....make up pretend scenarios like "ok 
- you're at Joey's house & his mom made brownies, what are you going to 
do?".....re-watch the videos, re-read the books, read through the back 
digests from IP, re-read the kids stories at Ellen's website <A 
HREF="http://members.aol.com/camelsRFun/index.html">CamelsRFun's Home Page</A>
 , etc.....The more Kap knows, the easier the "learning curve" will be when 
he finds himself saying "oh yeah Mom - remember we read about that boy who 
had this problem too?"....
Regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump-mom)
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