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Re: [IP] my pump is in

this is bill winslow.

regarding my wishes to sell my MM 507C.
I am selling it, because I no longer need it.  My insurance
authorized me to get MM 508.  
REASON being > I could not hear Warning in middle of
sleep (low battery or out of insulin).  
SO doctor jumped on that right away, once he learned the
508 also had a vibration Warning, AND it "seems" like
the Alarm is a bit louder.

SO I only asking $1200 for it (and all the stuff that came
with it).  Its only 9 months old.  Was looking for an EXISTING
pumper, who was interested in getting a backup unit.
.....to many legal hassles when selling it to NEW user
who has had NO training.   Let me know if you hear of
anyone looking....

bill w    ( email @ redacted)

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000 19:54:55 -0800 "Evelyn E. Lieberman" 
<email @ redacted> writes:

What brand pump did you get?  MM takes the best of care of 
you if your pump is defective.  Why don't you read your own 
"homeowners insurance policy"  to see what it covers or ask 
your insurance agent.  You need a professional opinion about 
that question.  $5,000 is probably not in the insurance company's 
category of "expensive" medical equipment even if that represents
a lot of money to you.  No offense is intended.
> Evelyn
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