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** bare with me, I know it's long... **

* also, please respond to me directly: email @ redacted *
i have a webpage: http://www.geocities.com/iamliberal

Dear Insulin-Pumpers,
    I've been using a 507c since August 1999.  I am 22 yrs old and diabetic1
since age 6.  I have always had fluctuating bloodsugars; and when I was very
young, the doctor even made my goal bg around 300 to avoid seizures for a
short while.  As I got older, I worked hard and prevented any seizures and
managed A1C's in the 7's.  Good health and control.  Then came college...  I
just graduated last May, and I've worked hard
the past two years to get back in control after hiking up to an A1C of
9.9 my Junior year.  I've been VERY frustrated with my slow results the past
two years.  Every test, down by about .2-.4   In July, I got it down to 8.1
and began pumping in August.  I LOVE THE PUMP!  I check regularly, at least
4-5 times/day.  However, when I get frustrating A1C's, I sometimes slack off
and stop recording and doing all the basics...  [I confess].
    I've been an Insulin-Pumper for several months, but just recently
registered to get the emails.  I'm telling you all some about me because I
have no one else to tell who may understand what I'm going through, and
maybe there are others in my area?  So here's more about me...
    I grew up in central California and have lived the past 4 years in
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.  When I realized I slipped out of control a
few years ago, I signed up for health-care through Minnesota (what a
wondeful state! :)  Now that I've graduated and working (well, I was), I
lost the coverage.  Luckily I got the pump one month before I lost coverage.
Anyway, I am following my dream to live in San Francisco, so I moved to
Sacramento temporarily while I look for work in the Bay Area.  Unemployment
absolutely sucks and the lethargy (I'm usually sooo active with school and
activities and exercise) is so bad my bg's are getting ridiculous and I find
myself bolusing so much I dread checking my bg.  About my health
insurance...  I haven't seen a doctor since September and I've been
stretching out my supplies, but will have to buy them myself starting in
like 1-2 more weeks.  Any suggestions for those who have to pay for their
supplies?  I have an Exactech RSG meter and an Accu-Check Complete.
    I signed for this emailing list to get ideas and share in experiences
with other
diabetics...  But honestly, I can't help but...  Well, it just seems like
all of you have such excellent A1C's...  some of you even complain about A1C
levels in the 6's and 7's-- wow, I want sooo bad to be down to that level
again!!!  What I seem to be learning from this list is how bad I really am-
which is probably the first step (again) to getting in better control,
admitting I have a lot to learn and work on; on the other hand, I think I'm
learning just how bad my case of Diabetes really is.  I identify with Amy
who shared with us her frustrations.  When I was younger, I was an exemplary
patient and educated, now I feel lost and frustrated.
    Are any of you in Northern CAlifornia?  Are any of you in the Sacramento
area?  Is there anyone in their early 20's??  Please write me, ALL messages
from ANYONE are welcome!
Sincerely and good luck to everyone,
Brian Baggaley
email @ redacted


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