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[IP] Sad News & a Determined Child

Sad news came today - Kap's endo's husband died Saturday w/ Cancer.  
I never had the chance to meet him - but he has a wonderful wife who care for 
all her little pumpers with much care.

Kap's pumping insulin date has been pushed back until 1/19.  And we were told 
to take the pump off - since he was pumping saline and they didnt want him to 
be pumping saline for such a long period.

Now - the problem is Kap doesnt want to take the pump off.  I explained it 
too him - and he understands and feels bad for his endo and her family.  He 
went into a deep thought - then asked me - "Mom, cant you put insulin in and 
we will just do the bolus and not the basel rates. I can still use nph at 
We did come to an agreement he would continue until time for next site 
change.  Then he made me promise, he could start back on Sunday.  Three days 
before the next insulin pumping date.

I hope this is an inspiration to other parents who may be going through a 
decision process if their child should have the pump at age 9.  Kap has shown 
more determination to stick w/ pumping than I would ever thought possible.  
So hopefully endos, parents and others will do what is correct for the child 
and not hold 13 to be a magic age.
Mom to Kap - 
Without a doubt - Pumping will be best for Kap.

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