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Re: [IP] self employed/insurance-YES!

In a message dated 01/08/2000 9:19:47 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Is there anyone here on the list who is self employed and has been able
 to find a private insurance that would cover them.  My husband recently
 found employment but would rather work for himself which would mean him
 finding us insurance that would cover me or me going back to work to get
 group coverage.  He prefers the first choice but that seems hard for us
 due to my DM.Sheila >>

This was our dilemma three years ago.  I live in Arizona and I don't know how 
the laws vary from state to state.  We were able to get insurance through an 
Employee Leasing Service when we had a minimum of three employees.  It took 
us about 6 months from the start of our business until we could afford a 
30-hour/week part-time phone person to set appts (its a pest control 
business).  That gave us three employees, my husband, me (I ran a truck too), 
and the secretary.  We paid for her single coverage about $135/mo plus our 
family $424/mo  The leasing company does the weekly payroll, figures all the 
taxes and we pay them in one lump check each week.  Which is great not to 
have to do all the tax forms too, and then you never get behind on paying 
payroll taxes.  By them combining lots of little companies on their one 
payroll, they can get good rates on group health insurance.  We have Aetna 
now and it's paying 100% of my pump supplies.  They each have different rules 
on how big you have to be and all offer different insurance packages, but 
they don't charge you higher rates because of preexisting conditions.  The 
company I use is Sunwest PEO in Scottsdale, AZ and Denise is my rep, (480) 
860-4441.  They might be able to direct you to a leasing company in your 

Best of luck,
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