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Re: [IP] Another job denial (kinda long)

In a message dated 01/08/2000 11:21:39 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< 29 years ago I was DENIED a job at UPS  as a truck LOADER due to the fact 
 that I was diabetic (and still am ). I really have no documented proof of 
 this , but does anyone  think I have grounds for a LAWSUIT ? >>

Probably not, but here's my story to add to the list.

10 years ago I was told by TRW that I had been hired, after an extensive 
interview process.  I was by far the most qualified for the position and the 
manager and I got along great. I made the mistake of telling him I was 
juvinile diabetic, but was under excellent control and had not missed any 
days of work, etc. with prior employer. He verified all this and got high 
recommendations.  The job involved solely computer work at a desk. I was sent 
for the mandatory drug test to a raunchy urgent care in a bad part of town. 
The Dr there already knew I was diabetic (who told him???) and did a dip 
stick for sugar in my urine. It was two hours after lunch and I was on MDI 
and the strip changed color, about to 180.  My next appt there was with 
personnel to fill out employment forms.  Only the lady sat me down and said 
the were WITHDRAWING THE OFFER BECAUSE I WAS DIABETIC!   I was flabbergasted. 
I wanted to know WHY????  She gave me a song and dance about how if I had an 
insulin reaction on the job it was a safety issue for those around me.

Anyways, I had no money for lawyers, and called the State Labor Board here in 
AZ. According to them, I could sue and they would do it if I remained 
unemployed until the case was settled and then I could only receive back 
wages and TRW would have to give me a similar position.  I needed to eat (and 
buy syringes, and test strips) so I took the next position available, luckily 
for me it turned out to be a much better situation and higher pay anyway.

Moral to this story.  I would never tell an employer during the interview 
about my diabetes.  

Who is now happily self-employed
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