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[IP] Problem with supplier/insurance

My supplier (Insulin Infusion Specialties) has been giving me some problems
lately.  On Dec. 20 I tried to place an order for 31" Tenders and cartridges
and was told they were back ordered until the 1st of January.  I agreed to
let them send me Minimed's equivalent even though the tubing is longer.  By
last friday the stuff still hadn't arrived so I called and was told it would
arrive today.  They also told me the tenders were now on back order till the
end of the month.  The sets came today but not the cartridges.   I tried to
call but it was after five and no one was there.  I called my insurance
company to ask if there was another supplier to work with and was told to
ask the supplier.  Hello? Didn't make any sense to me but the person on the
line didn't understand why I thought that wouldn't work.
Anyone have similar problems?  Who should I hassle next?
Thanks in advance!
Donna Triolo-Clarke
type 1  4 years,  pumping since August

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