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[IP] Strange strange dream

This really doesn't need to be responded to, I just need to share with
someone who will understand.

Last Thursday I started basal testing (I had to adjust my basals a week
ago).  My basal testing was going amazingly well (with a very minor
adjustments I made to my basal rates).  Last night was the midnight-9am
block to test.  The whole time I stayed between 130-148.  I meant to check
at midnight, 2am, 4am, 6am, and 9am.  For some reason I also woke up at
2:45 am.  I checked it (this morning I looked and saw it was 146) then and
dreampt that it was 710.  I thought, that is strange, because I was 148
less than an hour ago and my meter doesn't read above 600.  But it has to
be right because my pump says I'm 726.  When my alarm went off at 4 am and
I checked, I was 144.  I thought, that is strange I came down that fast
without bolusing.  What!?!?!?  I have no idea how much I was sleep/awake
for that whole period (I must have been partially awake because the time I
remember checking my clock with was the same time the reading was
timestamped with).  And what was up with me thinking that my pump agreed
with my meter?  Some sort of premonition of the future?  Hopefully.  And I
have NO idea what stopped me from bolusing for the high (I have a feeling
it was goes back to the fact I knew I was basal testing, but I stop a basal
test if I go above 200!)  And when I was 148 an hour later, even if I HAD
bolused, there is no way I could come down from 710 in that amount of time!
 I went through a phase where I would have to put my insulin in places that
required a series to be completed before I could get to it because on more
than one occassion in the middle of the night I would test, find myself
low, then treat with insulin (and no food).  Thank God I was still on R so
I had time, and that it always would eventually occur to me that I did the
wrong thing (although that was strange because I wasn't even on a sliding
scale for highs at the time).  I really hate this disease!  I even
incorporate it into my dreams!

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