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[IP] Cigna and Insulin infusion specialists

I need help please.  As of January first we had to switch to Cigna from our
wonderful other insurance.  So far I have learned to hate Cigna, especially
in the last 2 hours.  Jessica pediatrician doesn't accept it, the regular
pharmacy we use doesn't, the mail order pharmacy we used for pump supplies
doesn't accept it and Disetronic can't bill direct to Cigna per Cigna's
rules.  ARGHHH!  Then to top it all off, Jess also has CIDC (Chronically Ill
and Disalbed Children) and they pick up the Co-pays and deductibles (I just
don't have an extra $300 laying around...)  Now to find someone that
does...Disetronic sent me to Insulin Infusion Specialists and I want to hear
some other experiences with this company.  They just sound too good to be
true.  PLEASE email me privately unless you think the list might benefit
from what you have to say.  It doesn't really look like I have much of a
choice though :(

Mom of Jessica, age 8 this Saturday!, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1.6

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