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Re: [IP] Free Meter

I called the 800 number on the back of my accu-check complete this morning
and spoke to a sales rep. and told her how much I like my meter and told
her I would like to have another one.   I also told her that I have a
Accu-check advantage for a back up meter and I currently use 200 to 250
strips a month.  I  mentioned that there were know promo's here like when
you by 100 strips you can get a free meter !!   She said let me see what I
can do " Put me on hold for about a minute"  and said I can send you a new
Accu-check  complete but you will have to send me the advantage meter  I
said no problem " They furnish the return container and postage" I don't
mind the size difference because of all the features.    So I can't see why
other list members wanting a complete meter can't do the same especialy if
you are using a different brand meter because I'm shure they would love to
curve the competition and get you on their meters!!!!   It worked for me  
Mine will be delivered Wednesday   { Keep in mind as other list members
have said its the strips they make the money on not the meters} And as
always  YMMV     C J  Jutras  Lewiston, Maine  Already half way through
winter without any snow  What a bummer!!!!!   We have gotton a whole half
inch so far LOL  CHEERS!!!!!!!

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