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Re: [IP] in-law newly dxed type 2

deborah wrote:
>My husbands parents
> have had a hard time dealing with the fact that Eve has diabetes. 
> My father-in-law is very depressed about the dx and I think that his wife is
> too. 

I think that's a natural reaction to being diagnosed with a chronic,
incurable disease that he KNOWS is dangerous. There could also be some
guilt there -- maybe he thinks it's his fault that Eve got diabetes. 

He and his loved ones need to be allowed time to grieve and come to
terms with the loss -- he probably feels mortality staring him in the
face right now.

> I'm more trying to find some good resources for her to help
> her husband. My in-laws feel that he will not be on oral meds long and he
> will have to go on straight insulin (not true). Right now they are all
> thinking the worse.

One thing you can tell them is that insulin is NOT the worst thing that
can happen! It looks worse than it is. 

There is no predicting at this point what medication will work best for
him -- there are many different, as-yet-unclassified forms of Type 2,
which respond best to different treatment plans. Some people initially
diagnosed as Type 2's turn out to be late-onset Type 1's. Given that Eve
has Type 1, it's not impossible that he's one of those people. 

So the idea that you and your husband need to reinforce with him is that
diabetes is treatable -- the prime goal is to control BGs, and he and
his doctor will have to work on finding the best treatment for HIM,
whether orals or insulin or a combination. 

I think the best source of information for newly diagnosed people is the
the ADA magazine, Diabetes Forecast. It's written with the beginner in
mind, but the information is pretty complete and comprehensive. Buy him
a subscription as a gift!!!!

And tell him good luck from ME!!!!

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