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[IP] Re: Re: Job Denial

In these days of "enlightenment", it would seem that job denial because 
of being diabetic would not happen.  I am 52 and have not had problems 
lately, but in the past I have had a job taken away from me and another 
one denied because of diabetes.  At the time, I tried to fight for my 
rights but basically found that I had none.  

In the first case, I was hired out of college by a large midwestern 
chemical company (whose name for the time being will be left unsaid).  
This was my first "professional" job and I was pretty excited about it.  
I had informed the company that I was diabetic and they did not seem to 
care about it.  The morning after I arrived in the relatively small 
Michigan city where I would be working, I had a physical administered by 
their medical staff.  With the excitement of moving the previous day 
(about 800 miles) and getting ready to start to work, my blood sugar was 
about 240 when they tested it.  The next day, the chief medical officer 
at the company refused to accept me for employment.  My job was taken 
away because my blood sugar was high.  I talked to the doctor, I called 
my own doctor, I talked to the human relations people, but they would 
not relent.  I was very distressed and felt awful.  But there was 
nothing I could do.  I went back home, picked up the pieces and wound up 
going to work for another company in a job as good or better than the 
one I lost, but the experience left its mark on me.

The second experience was with a small railroad in Arkansas.  I had gone 
back to graduate school and earned an MBA with a major in logistics.  I 
was interested in railroads but knew that it might be difficult to work 
for one since I was diabetic.  One of my professors told me about an 
opening that he had heard about with the Arkansas railroad and I called 
them to apply.  I spoke with their CEO and sent him a resume.  I was 
invited for a visit to the company and did that, having a very good 
interview.  The CEO later told me that he would like to hire me but that 
because I was diabetic, their holding company would not allow it.  This 
time I was prepared for the rejection but still did not like it.  Again, 
I found another job that was as good or better, but I still would have 
liked to work for the railroad.  Something about the idea of "workin' on 
the railroad" appealed to me . . .  But that was not to be.  

These incidents occured about 30 and 20 years ago respectively.  I hope 
that others are not having to go through these things that I had to 
face.  Not much fun, I can assure you.

Bob Goodman
San Francisco Bay Area
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