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[IP] Re: ketones

What is it with ketones this past week? Must be something in the
water. :)
My daughter also had ketones - Thursday morning - but thankfully
(knock wood!) we managed to avoid a hospital visit! 
At some point during the night/early morning her infusion set
became slightly dislodged (my worst nightmare come true!) Her
breakfast bg was very high (443) - MUCH higher than the bg's in
the 12 hours immediately preceeding it (they had all been in
range or very close). We routinely check ketones every morning
and this particular morning they were moderate (usually she has
none). I was a little scared but tried to remain calm and
actually remembered the ketone protocol (thanks to the dr for
grilling us on this a few times!) and took quick and aggressive
action. Because of the very high bg (and esp with the presence of
moderate ketones) I suspected (and checked) the infusion set,
noticed the cannula was coming out (surprise, surprise!), and
changed the set immediately. I gave her approx 10% of her total
daily insulin dose via syringe about every 2hrs (her most recent
TDD's had been about 30-30.5 units so I gave her 3 units via
syringe and let the pump cover the remainder) and pushed the
water intake. Her bg's gradually came down to target range, the
lowest she ever got was 80-something (once the bg went below 200
I gave her caloric fluids). Within 4-5hrs the ketones were
completely gone so I stopped the injections! I never did call the
dr but I let him know via email about the situation and what
steps I was taking to correct it (he was very pleased with the
outcome. The ketone thing was one of his concerns about the pump,
esp with children. He had recently hospitalized a pumping kid for

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti [Ah-loo-lee-joo-tea, Cherokee] mother of many children
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