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Re: [IP] Traveling Abroad

>In July our son is going to Great Britain for 21 days with a student
>group.  We're looking for as much help as possible about traveling
>abroad, carrying insulin safely, supplies and how accessible insulin
>and supplies are in Great Britain.


Ken here, Sammi's husband. I had the chance the go to Europe a little over 2
years ago,  My Girl friend at the time was diabetic and on MDI,  We had
little trouble as far as needing to obtain supplies there as we brought
plenty.  Here is some advice.

1.  Pack Insulin and Syringes TOGETHER, this makes the needles less
suspicious, most of the Customs people we delt with seemed to be familiar
with diabetes.

2. Pack Insulin and Syringes in SEVERAL bags, see if you can pack some in
someone elses bags as well,  we kept all supplies in our carry on luggage, 4
complete sets, I'm not sure what the conditions are in the plane's belly but
the temprature/ and pressure changes in there are a concern.

3. PACK Syringes, Should you have a pump failure, these will give you
something to fall back on.

4. Get letters from Doctor stating that he IS diabetic, and that he IS
insulin dependant.  Make sure that there are several phone numbers in the
letter for reaching the Doctor  (Be aware there is a 5 hour time difference,
So a number for a hospital or pager would be handy), an internationa calling
card, and the knowledge of how to use it would be VERY helpful.

5.  Most Hotels/ Hostels/ and bed and breakfast's have refrigerators for the
insulin.  you can also MAKE one with two hotel room trash cans and ice from
the ice machine.  You put the ice in one and the insulin in the other one
and "nest" them together, with the ice in the top can.  Make sure there is
enough clearance between the two, the bottom of the ice can should not touch
the insulin bottles (they could freeze)

6. have anyone he is traveling with carry glucose tablets,  running around,
eating new foods, and the other aspects of travel can play havoc with

7.  Carry at least one spare meter,  extra batteries, and strips.  having a
bottle of strips with each needle/ insulin set will be helpful.

This may sound like overkill,  but the volume of additional supplies is
small and they will give you and him peace of mind.  Should you need to get
Insulin while over there, you want to go to a "Chemist",  the term "Drug
Store" is not commenly used.

You will want to find out the details of obtaining Insulin there from a
travel agent, we never needed to.  You could also find the info on-line at
some of the travel sites.

Hope this helps!



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