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Re: [IP] SWimming......gurgle, splutter

If it always
>happens every time you swim, you can try reducing your basal by .1 or .2
>units/hour for a few hours after you swim.

  this is a great idea :) also, you might want to consider lowering the 
basals starting an hour or so before you swim, and then keep them lower 
after as well. This works better for me, because I don't go as low in the 
first place if I lower them beforehand. I usually need to cut basals by as 
much as 75 percent for exercise - sometimes I even have to suspend the pump. 
  Also, if you know you're going to exercise within 2-4 hours of eating, you 
probably want to take less of a bolus than usual. I only need half of my 
regular bolus for most food if I'm going to exercise after.  Just some 
thoughts, I hope they help and good luck!! --Gianna
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