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Re: [IP]starvation ketones (was stomach flu)

	Two days into the flu, I found myself with sugars between 100-130 but >high 
ketones!  I couldn't get rid of them no matter how much sugar free >ginger 
ale I drank!  I called the doctor and she told me they were most >likely 
starvation ketones from not eating anything.  I didn't realize you >could 
get ketones from not eating.

  Hi Kelly . . .yep, you can have ketones when you don't have any carbs.  
When you don't have carbs your body has to use up its stored glucose for 
energy, and when it runs out of that it starts burning fat which produces 
ketones.  I don't think they are the same (not as dangerous?) as ketones 
from out of control blood sugars, but I'm not sure.  Anyway, this has 
happened to me a couple of times but not while sick; while exercising 
without eating. If I lower my basals alot and then exercise, my bgs stay 
really stable but I usually have small to moderate ketones afterwords. I 
never worry about them because they go away in a short time and I figure the 
exercise is burning fat like it's supposed to do . . .anyone out there want 
to tell me whether I should be concerned?? thanks, and hope you feel better 
kelly :) --Gianna
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