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[IP] Re: IP] Duct Tape Really Works! I'm not kidding!

Hey Wayne,  Thx for the jock-ularity.  I had a good laugh and think we
should start a club for  Macho-Pumpers.  But I wanna be President.  I'll
nominate you for Vice.  I think as an initiation though, every member
will have to try using nail polish remover.  What do you think?  Lacquer
thinner....Yikes....Even my husband thought that was a bit harsh....
Thx for the response.   from Marilyn alias Xena Warrior Princess
Wayne wrote:<
Hey Marilyn, I'm  the guy who said that duct tape was good stuff and
have used pieces of it when the silhouette edges loosened before their
from excessive movement and sweat.    I also said somewhere in those
archives that lacquer thinner makes the adhesive disappear (bet you
due a search on that :-).   All you need is a little bit on a wedge of
paper towel and the glue is all gone.  Then just put some sweet smelling

lotion to cover the odor.   Some people's may be sensitive to the stuff,
it's not for everyone, but it's the best i've tried and its dirt cheap.
should work for you, since by using duct tape, you have already shown
yourself to be a bit of a jock (or at least you have tough skin *S*).
your skin isn't bothered by the duct tape, a dab of lacquer thinner
be a problem either.
-wayne, who does lots of pumping downstairs in his shop :-)

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