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Re: [IP] DPT Trial

In a message dated 01/09/2000 5:29:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My understanding is that if a person tests positive for the antibodies 
they WILL
 develop diabetes (within about a three year time frame).  If you don't test
 postive, you can keep testing to make sure you stay antibody-free.  If you 
 postive and therefore, will develop diabetes, why not start insulin 
treatment to
 possibly prevent the full blown disease?  Has anyone else heard this?  Set me
 straight if I'm wrong on this.  We are waiting for results from the test on 
 non-diabetic daughter. >>


We had our children tested for the DPT trials and our daughter tested into 
the high risk group. First, the testing is invasive in and of itself. Second, 
the reason you SHOULDN"T start a child on insulin before they have diabetes 
is the risk of hypoglycemic unawareness(one of the things the trial study 
checks for everytime you go up). It seems that people on these extremely 
early doses of insulin for prevention can develop brain damage.

In order to be considered for insulin, you are not only ICA positive, but 
also have certain genetic markers along with a slower insulin response rate 
and antibodies to the insulin itself..so technically you are in early 
diabetes anyway. The insulin regime consists of taking shots twice a day, and 
being hospitalized for 5 days once a year to be given massive doses of 
insulin(in the hopes that this will temporarily shut down the islet cells and 
give them a rest)

Our daughter was in the control group for over two years. Every three months 
we went up and had an IV tolerance test done(with an IV in her arm all 
morning) along with bi-annual intelligence testing(for brain function,as a 
baseline measurement for the kids on insulin). I found the whole thing pretty 

When she started getting elevated bg's, they did nothing. We pulled her from 
the study  as soon as she started having 200 bg's.Our private endo put her on 
insulin shots. That was over a year ago and she's still honeymooning. The 
study was "monitoring"her to watch how the disease progressed. BTW..we caught 
the high bg's at home..she just didn't look right to me and I insisted she 
check..The study will NOT release any results to you whatsoever.

Anyway, if you do decide to get screened and it comes back postiive, have 
your endo aware of the situation and monitor the other child. Starting a 
diabetic as soon as SAFELY possible on insulin can make a world of difference.

Take care,

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