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[IP] exercise (and other) success!!!!!

	Hi everyone! I'm so excited . . .this is so cool!! Ok, sorry for the 
enthusiastic outburst there . . .but I've had some great pumping success 
lately (must be the new milennium :) Anyway, from Haloween through New Years 
I have been eating tons of junk . . .not good, no matter whether you have D 
or not! So, after my big (well ok, not so big) new year's eve bash I decided 
to try really hard to cut down on the carbs and junk in general (please, 
this isn't a note intending to start another argument over carbs, this is 
just to talk about my personal experience)  Well, I started that on January 
3 and it's now the 9th, and I expected that I'd be using a lot less insulin, 
which has happened. what I didn't expect was to have to cut my basals by 
almost a third!  During some parts of the day, they are half of what they 
were before. And, the best part is my bgs have only been above 140 one day 
(I forgot to change me site . . .oops :) and only below 70 once the whole 
time!! :)
	Speaking of which, today I went for a 45 minute brisk walk with my mom, and 
I set a temp basal of .1 and hour and half before we left (instead of my 
normal .4 for that time) and started with a bg of 87.
I decided not to eat anything (don't worry, I brought my meter and some 
glucose tabs just in case) When we got back, I was only 78 !!!
I know some people think this is sort of on the low side, and it is, but it 
is a huge improvement over before when I'd drop more than 50 points during 
exercise!!  I'm still checking to see what happens now . . . . . :)  sorry 
to write such a long post, it just seems like pumping is starting to go more 
smoothly after 4 months :)
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