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[IP] Good News and a Learning Experience

I just got my A1c results back this past week, and
couldn't be happier with the results: 5.7. Before on
MDI, my lowest was 5.8, but this included far too many
lows for my liking. Using the pump, I've experienced
far fewer lows and have been in my target range much
more often.

After that bit of good news, I also had a valuable
learning experience this week. At work on Friday, I
bolused 1.0 unit (Humalog) for a package of peanut
butter crackers. My BG at that time was 123. About an
hour later, I started to feel a little gross, so I
checked my sugar again; this time, I was at 224! I
bolused again.

About an hour after this, and feeling even worse, I
decided to check my sugar: 271! I immediately went
into the bathroom and checked my site. The entire
cannula was out! I ran back to my desk, got my
ketostix and found out that I had moderate ketones, a
first in my life with diabetes (26 years). I took a
syringe of insulin, drank a litre of water, and
carefully monitored my BG over the next three hours.
By the time I was ready to leave work, I was down to
132, and had no ketones.

The lesson learned? If you have a weird BG reading
that isn't in line with what you think it should be,
it's probably the pump! In a (strange) way, I'm glad
that this experience happened, so that I'll know
exactly what to do the next time (if ever), and will
try to catch it earlier!

Sorry for the long post, and take care!

Brad MacDonald
email @ redacted
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