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Re: [IP] Duct Tape Really Works! I'm not kidding!

Hey Marilyn, I'm  the guy who said that duct tape was good stuff and also
have used pieces of it when the silhouette edges loosened before their time
from excessive movement and sweat.    I also said somewhere in those
archives that lacquer thinner makes the adhesive disappear (bet you didn't
due a search on that :-).   All you need is a little bit on a wedge of
paper towel and the glue is all gone.  Then just put some sweet smelling
lotion to cover the odor.   Some people's may be sensitive to the stuff, so
it's not for everyone, but it's the best i've tried and its dirt cheap.  It
should work for you, since by using duct tape, you have already shown
yourself to be a bit of a jock (or at least you have tough skin *S*).  If
your skin isn't bothered by the duct tape, a dab of lacquer thinner won't
be a problem either.
-wayne, who does lots of pumping downstairs in his shop :-)

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Hello All,  Just did a search of the archives re:  using duct
tape to
reinforce the site when exercise causes the tape to come loose due to
sweating.  Was surprised at all the joking about duck tape and that only
one other pumper had actually used it for this purpose.  I really do use
it and I'm no construction worker but a 47 year old woman who does a
vigorous martial art practise at least 3 times a week.
What I do is make a duct tape patch with a gauze pad  covering the
actual infusion site.  That minimizes the contact between the skin and
the duct tape to about 1/4" all around the site.  The duct tape is not
easy to remove though and sometimes causes some irritation where it
comes in contact with the skin.  But I haven't found anything better for
sticking while sweating profusely and it only needs to be on my skin
during my classes (about 1 1/2-2hours).
 I sometimes use Unisolve Wipes (from Smith and Nephew-available from
Minimed but fairly costly) to remove the glue traces that remain on my
skin after removing the duct tape.  Does anyone know of an alternative
glue removal solvent that might be less costly?  (Please don't suggest
WD40 tee hee!)  I really AM serious though and would appreciate any
advice.  Thanks.  You're a great group of people!  Happy Pumping in
2000!  With appreciation, Marilyn>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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