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[IP] MM customer service

Hi all--

When Josh was in the hospital last week, I noticed that his MM507c was
occasionally skipping screens.  I called MM late on Wednesday afternoon,
described the problem, and received a replacement/loaner pump before noon
on Thursday.
The customer service rep was very professional and helpful--the questions
he asked were obviously intended to make sure that Josh would be okay using
his original pump until the replacement pump arrived.  We were given the
option of keeping the replacement pump (which looks and operates like new)
or having his original pump returned when it has been tested and repaired
to their specifications.  If we decided to keep the replacement pump, the
original pump warranty would roll over to the replacement pump.  If we
chose to have our original pump returned, the rep said that they TRY to
return pumps within 12 weeks but he couldn't guarantee a time frame.

I chose to get Josh's original pump back--but in all honesty I don't care
WHEN or even IF that happens.  The replacement pump is doing the job and
looks a heck of a lot less "worn" than Josh's pump.  Since Josh often
carries his pump in his pocket without any case or protection, he didn't
think it would be fair to MM to keep the replacement pump!  Made me

With two MM pumps in our house (and another two to three years before my
insurance company would probably even consider a replacement), I've been a
little anxious to see what was going to happen when/if we ever needed
additional support.  I also order all of our pumping supplies directly
through MM--they take care of the insurance paperwork, bill me only for my
co-pay, and I've received every order in a timely manner.  I am 100%
satisfied with the service I continue to receive from MiniMed (thank

Doreen in Wyoming
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