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[IP] tape down first for micros

Susan, the MM article was very brief, but basically stated the reason for the
tape first was to "assure the best possible fixture of the set". I had great
success using the  micros the first time, BS were better. The second time I
used them though, I had a problem with insertion. Seems the larger wings were
catching before the canula was fully inserted. I guess I could try some of the
other suggestions of making the the wings less sticky, using vaseline, etc.
But the last time I changed my site, I did do as MM suggested and put the tape
down first and inserted thru the hole. I didn't have any problems at all this
time, maybe the other time was just a fluke?
But I figured since I already have all the extra tape any how, I might as well
use it like suggested. I know others on the IP list put the tape down 
first, due to allergy problems also. Hope this helps answer your question.

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