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Re: [IP] DPT Trial

Some food for thought on the DPT trial.  When Stephie began pumping our CDE (also
type I and pumping for 20 years) told us a story about a family she knew that had
two kids tested for the DPT trial (I think they were ages 7 and 9).  They both
tested positive for the antiboties (or whatever it is they look for).  The older
child (a girl) chose NOT to go on the insulin injection regime as suggested.  Two
or three years later, she developed full blown diabetes.  The younger child (a
boy) DID start taking insulin injections as part of the prevention trial.  He
never did develop diabetes.

My understanding is that if a person tests positive for the antibodies they WILL
develop diabetes (within about a three year time frame).  If you don't test
postive, you can keep testing to make sure you stay antibody-free.  If you test
postive and therefore, will develop diabetes, why not start insulin treatment to
possibly prevent the full blown disease?  Has anyone else heard this?  Set me
straight if I'm wrong on this.  We are waiting for results from the test on my
non-diabetic daughter.

Laurie, Stephie's mom (dx 8/98, pumping 2 months)

email @ redacted wrote:

> Also, would love for my non diabetic daughter to be tested, but my husband
> can't see putting her through that, she is VERY opposed.  I don't agree, but
> feel I have to give in.

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