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RE: [IP] in-law newly diagnosed type 2


See if you can talk your dad into getting an HBA1C. That will quantify the
true degree or lack thereof of his control. If it comes in high it is quite
clear that the doctor does NOT know what is best. If it comes in good you
can stop worrying about your dad. Insist that he get one as soon as


> David
> David I can relate to this.  I guess I just need to vent.   I  feel my
> father has the same kind of doctor.   My father told his doctor he
> wnated to take 70/30 insulin and the doctor said ok.  The control is
> horrible and now he is on oral agents in addition to this by his own
> request.  There have never been A1C's feet exams or anything.  My dad
> had a quad bypass 10 years ago with no followup.  I asked my
> father if I
> could talk to the doctor and was able to.  The dopctor told me he knew
> what my dad needed and said he knew best.  My father has
> chosen to stay
> with this doctor so it is out of my control sinmce he is a competent
> adult  ( and an RN)  To top it off my father thinks I am
> trying too hard
> to make him look bad with my good results with the pump.  Oh well
> sometimes all I can do is vent on this site.  Sheila

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