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[IP] DPT Trial(Susan)

Susan, I went through the same thing with my husband and youngest son. I
wanted to have my youngest and middle aged sons tested in the DPT as soon as I
heard about it, my oldest son and myself both have IDDM. My youngest is
deathly afraid of needles, must have gotten that from his Dad, LOL,! And my
husband was very much against having him tested because he thought it would
only make him worry more. Well, I finally won the battle, and took him and
also my sister to test. Since my son was so chicken of needles, they used a
small butterfly I.V., and he admitted it did not hurt at all! They both came
back negative. It is time for him to be re tested again, so I will need to
make another appt in the near future. It is just a simple blood test, and I
feel it is worth it, hopefully they will learn something that can benefit
those with the antibodies and others living already with DM. Good luck and
don't give in if you feel there is something to be benefited by this. Denise

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