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[IP] How trips to school nurses can impact learning time/a reference

Hi all
    For those who may be interested , I ran across a text that might be a 
useful item if your school requires trips to the nurses office for tasks 
related to diabetes.
    In "Getting the Best Education for Your Children" by James Keogh , 1996, 
page 6 comments that "a 15 minute trip to the school nurse deletes 37% {of 
the lesson forof a 40 minute class} for your child for that period.  While 
the occasional trip is probably minimal, frequent trips during severla 
periods a day for 180 days will have a negative impact on your child's 
    I apologise if this is reiteration of a reference that parents here 
already know about, but if not, I thought it might be of use to some of you 
as you pursue the blend of diabetes care and the classroom.
    Cheers all,  Linda (who has been too busy to keep up with IP for a couple 
months, so if you want me for awhile, contact me off list)  But I'll be back.
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