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[IP] Free Accucheck Meter


Congrats.  I hope you get the meter.

Everyone on this list (every diabetic, really) needs to understand that
all the meter mfrs are in business to do only one thing: sell test
strips.  Test strips are "disposable," meaning that they are used up and
must be replaced.  That's where their money is.  The meters, while they
may seem expensive (and certainly are priced expensively) are really
throw-aways, used to get people hooked on their strips.  Many people,
once they start on a certain brand of strip, never change.

That's why you see the frequent rebate offers, often for the full price
of the meter. And why, if you attend a support group or have a busy cde
or diabetes doc, they are often given away for nothing.

I can't remember the last time I paid for a meter.  Must be years ago.


Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 20:21:41 EST
From: email @ redacted 
Subject: Re: [IP] Accuchek Complete & pumping

I just went to the AccuCheck site. clicked on feedback. asked about the
machine. told them I was interested but the cost was too high. Said I
used over 300 strips per month. They E Mailed me back for more info and
looks like I might be getting a free machine...Cross your fingers..
   Bob D23 years, pumping 10 months...
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