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Re: [IP] Psychiatric settings

When I did my psych clinicals I was using MDI and kept my stuff 
locked up in the room where staff keeps their coats and bags and 
things. I would keep your meter and things in there.  Carry a single 
pen and keep track of it at all times.  Dont be overly concerned 
about patients -- there are very few "Hannibal Lecter" types out 
there and you probably wont ever see one during your clinical 
(although I was never working in a prison). Just keep your pump 
under your clothes and you probably wont have any problems. No 
one will know you have a pump unless you take it out. If a patient 
manages to get underneath your clothing (which in all likelyhood 
wont happen!) you have more things to worry about than the pump!!!!

Good luck and remember to keep a good sense of humor -- you will 
probably see some really weird stuff :)


On 7 Jan 00, at 17:49, Maureen Reagan wrote:

> Now this is a question I never thought I would ask, but here it goes.
> A month or so ago, someone posted the article from the Cleveland Plain
> Dealer about an immate not being allowed to keep his pump during his prison
> stay because of "the device's half-inch needle posed a security risk".  The
> county that this prison is in is adjacent to the one I go to school in.
> What does this have to do with me an my pump?  Well, appearently my
> professor read this or a similar article.  She said that she thought it was
> a lot of ignorance, and admitted she did not know a lot about the pump, but
> wanted to address the possiblity of difficulties I might have entering
> controlled environments.  I am doing a mental health clincal this quarter
> with her, and could find myself working in a prison or various psychiatric
> settings.  She suggested I call MiniMed, and ask what their
> postion/statement was about those environments and/or the people working in
> them using a pump.  And also talk to my doctor.  I called, and MiniMed said
> they do not have a position/statement on prisions/psychiatric environments
> but do know that some will not allow pumps in them.  While the safety risk
> to the user (me) is not particularly a concern because I'm not an
> immate/client/patient, but it is still a risk.  I'm seeing my doctor in a
> few weeks, and will ask him then, but I was wondering what your
> thoughts/experiences with this was.  So what do I do?  At this point I'm
> half tempted to just stick it in my bra and no one will ever know.  The
> total clinical experience is 36 hours, which to me isn't worth a battle.
> However I do have a full time mental health clinical that lasts 12 weeks
> that will be this year.  I do not see how my pump could harm others.  We
> are very attached.  I would notice instantly if someone took Jude from me.
> I use Sillouette/Comfort/Tender, so there is no needle/sharp object.  You
> can't do anything with the insulin, other than drink it, without a needle,
> so it is useless.  And if you drink it, it still doesn't do anything.  Am I
> missing something?
> Thanks
> Maureen
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml