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[IP] Re: fat and protein! - an explanation

Ruth  :)  I for one am going to leave the "all the butter he can stomach"
data collection to Wayne....  *grin* but I'm up for the glass of wine!  Good
point Armsted, perhaps that is the key to it ALL!  Hmmm... I do have some
ideas, but I'm going to do some simple experimentation as well.. and will
report back.  Looking forward to those results Wayne!


>ok delaine,
>NOW....what ARE we going to do about this problem?
>any ideas???
>mom to geneva, who is either high after going to sleep from hormones or
>high fat/protein dinners?

"Armsted Harris" wrote....
>...Now please add to that explaination a glass of wine
>which will block the livers production of gluecagon and tell us what that
>will add or detract from the explaniation.  Please...wow it is getting
>complicated for us novice folk.  But we sure do appreciate your wonderful

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