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Re: [IP] Re: JOB Denial

At 10:19 AM 1/8/2000  email @ redacted wrote:
 >29 years ago I was DENIED a job at UPS  as a truck LOADER due to the fact
 >that I was diabetic (and still am ). I really have no documented proof of
 >this , but does anyone  think I have grounds for a LAWSUIT ?

To sue you have to have specific proof or evidence. How do you know for 
sure that this was the main reason you were not hired?? For grounds in a 
suit, you'd have to have evidence of some sort that this was the basis for 
not hiring you. Did they say that specifically? Were there any witnesses?? 
Otherwise it is just your word against theirs.

After 29 years it's going to be almost impossible to prove anything... can 
you still find any witnesses?? You'd also have to know what the law was 29 
years ago. You can't sue someone now for laws or regulations that were not 
in place at the time the offense took place.

This is definitely not a legal opinion, but just my personal 2 cents worth.


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