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Re:[IP] My Replacement Pump

Jane (and everyone else)
I too use a MM.  My pump started acting really weird in September (the ACT
button has always "stuck" occasionally causing me to skip screens, the
drive block would stick when I went to get the resivour out, my pump would
beep at me for no reason but not show any alarms, and I would get "No
Delievery" alarms for no reason, yet it was fine on the 7.2 bolus test).
So I got a loaner and in it went.  I haven't had any problems with my
loaner.  I was also told, that 12 weeks after they recieve it, I should get
it back.  12, 13, and 14 weeks passed, so I decided to call and check on
it.  The tech service guy looked up my pump on the computer.  Evidentally
my pump keeps failing at their check to make sure it is up to MM standards.
 When this happens, it gets sent back to square 1.  I was told it might be
several more weeks (it has already been a week).  As far as I'm concerned,
I'm completely happy letting MM keep "my" pump that is acting weird, and
keep my loaner pump that is working perfectly fine.  I'm sure my loaner
pump had to pass the test that my pump appearently keeps failing at.  I
would much rather have a pump that passes than a pump that does not
(regardless to which one I actually purchased).  As long as the warentee
that I had on "my" pump rolls over onto my loaner, I want the pump that
works best.  If my pump can't pass their test, I don't want it.  While
idealy I don't want any problems, but it is just a peice of electronic
equipment, there is always the possiblity of problems.  Idealy, I wouldn't
want my beta cells to stop.  MM has been very good to me.

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