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Re: [IP]RE: test screening

In a message dated 1/8/00 8:11:21 AM Pacific Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< < Just to say we had both our kids screened one came back negative and the 
 other positive.  We have finished the staging process and are now entering 
 the study.  He is at moderate risk so we are in the oral insulin
  trial.  I think they are finding fewer relatives at risk than they thought. 
 Has any one else had a family member enter the trial.
  Jane >>

We have had our two children on a list for over a year to be tested.  Here in 
LV the two testing sites have 1) closed down and 2) changed Drs. and the 
money isn't there to continue the testing or so I have been told.  It seems 
one of the major hospitals was funding the cost of the lab work and since 
moving the doctor performing collecting the tests hasn't found funding.  Does 
anyone know how this works.  I have three children that I believe have a 
pretty good risk.  I just found out that my great grandmother was type 1 and 
type 2 is rampant in our families (both mine and my husband's) not to mention 
they have a Mom with type 1.  I have been thinking of even traveling to 
another city to have them tested.

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