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[IP] My Replacement Pump

Hi All You Pumpers!

Thanks for following my story of MiniMed and repairs!  Today, I got my
beloved puump back!  It's working like a charm, which is why I'm up at this
hour writing!!!!  Thanks to all of you for your support and your e-mails to
MiniMed!  When I told  them I was on a web page of 2000 pumpers, they said -
"Oh No@!  Donn't put that on the pumper's page! Michael, are you

I think this web page and all of you are the reason I got my pump back
fixed - OK, not 12 weeks, it took 15 weeks!  5 Substitute pumps failed, and
now I have my original pump back - ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!  Write down the serial
number of your pump - take off the case, take off the clip, and look at that
number!  Write it down!!!  OK, your house, your car both cost more - but, if
you run out of the house without your pump, what will cause you more
aggravation?  Write it down!  So you can replace it, if necessary.  I got 5
substitute pumps, all failed.  I have written down their serial numbers, the
date I got them, and the date they failed.  When I contacted a lawyer
yesterday, that's all he needed to know!

Sorry, now I''m calmer that I have my original pump back.  I'm breathing
again.  For all of you who said - I don't know my serial number, I'm telling
you write it down!!

Goodluck in this new year!     Jane

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