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[IP] how much would you pay for...

peace of mind about nighttime lows?
getting those basals just right?
support in your hour of need?
knowing others out there are going through the same exact thing?
a prayer from someone you've never met in person?
sick day advice?
help when you are 3,000 miles from home and are OUT of supplies (personal
experience for me)?
laughter when D gets to be too much?
knowing others out there are struggling just as hard as you are... and
making it?

Personally, this list has given me so much - advice, friendship, prayers,
support, supplies when I needed them either for financial or other

If you haven't given to Insulin Pumpers please consider doing so... Credit
cards are accepted as well as checks of course, and are tax deductable.

For those of you new to the list, Insulin Pumpers makes ends meet by burning
a hole in the director's pocket.... that is, he personally has covered the
enormous cost of this list out of pocket for years, and now it has grown to
the point where he needs OUR help.  We all have bills to pay, kids to put
through college... but please give what you can - whether it be $10 or $100.
Our director puts seemingly more time into this site than most of do for our
PAID jobs - he too has children, five to be exact, to put through
college.....  Sooooooooooooooooooo... yank out your checkbook and continue
the season of giving ;)

Susan, member of ip since somewhere around 4/15/99 when I got my MM507C

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