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[IP] RE: Should pump brands be discussed?

Personally, I joined this discussion group prior to purchasing an insulin
pump.  In addition, I joined the discussion group specifically to find out
from users of insulin pumps about their experience with various pumps and
their experience with the customer service provided by each company.  I
expect that as the number of members on this listserve grows there will be
more people with similar interests.

I understand that people who are beyond this decision and who have a
specific pump may not find a discussion of the pros and cons of each pump
and company useful.  However, that is the case with any thread of
discussion.  Some threads of messages are more useful to some individuals.
Some messages may simply be deleted by some individuals because the messages
are not pertinent to them at the time.

A lively discussion group has many threads taking place at once and this
discussion group certainly is lively.  The way to keep it lively is to allow
a wide variety of threads related to insulin pumping to begin, run their
natural course, and to end when people cease to be interested.

The responses to my questions (both on and off list) have been wonderful.
People on this listserve have a genuine desire to be helpful and to provide
honest information, experiences, and opinions without marketing hype.  I
have found the responses I have received to be helpful and I appreciate the
wealth of knowledge that is exchanged on both topics which interest me and
those that interest others.  Those of you who have experience with insulin
pumping are an amazing resource to people like me who are new to pumping.

Thank you for providing such a lively and useful forum!

email @ redacted

The following was part of a message on Friday, January 07, 2000:

> . . . I think the discussion of the types of pumps
> is beating a dead horse at this
> point. We all learn by experience and pump
> problems, whether d or mm, fall
> into that category.

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