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Re: [IP] Psychiatric settings

On 7 Jan 00, at 17:37, Jill M Meyer wrote:

> Maureen,
> The risk isn't to the patient of prison inmate, it is to you.
> I would think they would worry that the tubing could be used a ligate and
> wrapped around you neck, and you could possible be strangled to death by it,
> in a situation with a mental patient or prison imate.  Also there is the
> risk that if you are taken hostage in a correctional institution, you might
> held an undeterminable amount of time and run out of insulin going into DKA,
> with no possibility of medical help.

And if you are taken hostage you'll still go into DKA when your last 
shot of insulin runs out.  You might actually have a better chance if 
you have a few days supply in the pump...

> Thirty years ago a female student was working in the jail cell of the
> country hospital.  She had long hair and wore it tied back according to
> policy.  An inmate was transfer from the downtown jail after exhibiting
> strange behavior.  He grabbed the ribbon from the woman's hair and strangled
> her to death.  All with a prison guard, door wide open, three feet away.
If the pump is well protected (worn under/inside clothing) then there 
shouldn't be much risk from that area.  The real risk is associated 
with the location (inside a prison/jail)  and the security concerns 
and risks associated with just being there...  

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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